Happy as my child

It happened to me again. Every time I go to The Therapy Club, I feel so energized at the end of the evening. This feeling of energy and happiness is not my normal state. And it feels ggggoooooooddd. I want more! I feel my body, I want to jump around, I smile, everything feels effortless. And all this just by sharing what is on my mind, what is in my heart and what emotions and sensations I feel present in my body with other people. Since I wasn't able to capture this moment of happiness, I thought instead of ripping a picture from the Internet, what is closer to embodying my feeling than showing the happiness of my daughter. We call it happiness and if I look at her, the only word that describes it is "Life". And this is how I felt, yesterday evening and today, after hosting a session at The Therapy Club: feeling Life.

And by the way, I even thought of not going, because I felt shitty all day. Now I realize, that the more resistance I feel, the more reason to come.

So come! Live. Life.

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