The Therapy Club. Why?

Everybody wants to feel. Loved. Safe. Accepted. Free. It is incredible that we are not used to (this) feeling. The Therapy Club gives you the experience to feel “home”.

My first experience with feeling was a few years ago, when I started to explore what it meant to “feel”. Hell did I know that I had much more feelings than just crying! My whole body was able to feel things. I was excited and wanted more.

I was thrilled to hear about The Therapy Club and honored that I was able to develop this concept with 10 great people. We developed the concept with care and love. With respect for each other, for ourselves and for others. We knew that if we would like it and feel the need for it, other people would like it as well. The first sessions with clients were exhilarating. It was amazing to experience that others could feel the intensity of The Therapy Club.

Within 1,5 hours spending time together, everybody felt a deep bond that is often not even experienced with close friends. Our group was cheering and jumping from energy. I genuinely believe that our concept, our Therapy Club, can enrich people’s lives. It can bring us home. It will enable us to establish deeper connections, where we can feel free. I dream about a world where it is normal that people interact with each other in this way. I am not a great marketeer, but you would be stupid if you don’t give yourself this present. The present to experience what it feels like to feel. To connect and to come home.

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